Personal & Home Care Industry Newsletters Vol. 2

Personal & Home Care Industry Newsletters Vol. 2

Expected Trends in Personal and Home Care Industry

Coupling the impact of Covid 19, there is a continuous downturn in the Nigerian economy with a high inflation rate. Even with the ever-present challenges, people are still willing to care for their hygiene and wellbeing.

In this article, we will focus on expected trends in the personal and home care industry, with an emphasis on beauty products.

Here are some of the expected trends:

Organic and natural skin care products: This is an expected trend or shift from the past. The emphasis from consumers will be to use organic and natural products instead of synthetic materials used in the past. People will try to move towards plant-based skincare products.

With this, people are trying to reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment. The skincare industry is the next sector that will see a massive change in minimizing carbon emissions as most manufacturers are trying to do away with STPP in detergents.

Antibacterial Hair Products:  We may not agree or see it, but our fingers are prone to bacteria. There are colonies of viruses that live in our hair, e.g. lice.

Touching your hair about forty times a day creates the possibility of transferring such bacteria or viruses to others between your fingers and hair. Scientists and researchers have been trying to find innovative solutions to hare care.

Natural Hair: in the past year, people spent more money on getting different hairstyles, wigs, artificial hairs and many others to enhance their outlook. With the high inflation rate in Nigeria and the lower purchasing power of the masses, we expect to witness a reversal in the trend as consumers could shift to natural hair care maintenance.

Given the above, we will see that more people embrace their natural hair outlook and reduce their strengthening and or curling of the hair.


Emmanuel Agboma - Logistics/Procurement Manager, V.I.P Industries

Q. Kindly give a brief background about yourself and your company?

Ans. My name is Emmanuel Agboma. I am a graduate of purchasing and supply from the Federal Polytechnic, Owerri. I am married with three children. I am the logistics/procurement manager for V.I.P Industries. V.I.P Industries manufacture personal and home care products such as shampoo, conditioner and hair cream.

Q. How did you get to know about Cormart? What was your first impression?

Ans. I resumed working at V.I.P Industries about 5yrs ago. The former manager handed over all procurement contacts to me. I visited the office at Ajao estate and Cormart Head office before placing my first order.

My first impression of Cormart was the foreigners I met. They were pleasant and willing to assist me in my purchases which made me realize that they are good managers.

Q. What product(s) do you purchase from Cormart? What purpose does this product serve in the cause of production?

Ans. Our company used Cocomide as a foam booster. We started using Vinkocide as a better preservative; it has been very effective.

Q. What contribution has these products and services on your business, and how has it improved your business?

Ans. We have never had any complaints about our product. Vinkocide preserves the quality of our products by increasing the shelf life. It has helped us gain our customers’ confidence and patronage.

Q. How would you rate the value for the money of our products?

Ans. I rate 85%

Q. How can we improve on our services?

Ans. Cormart should provide regular updates on the available stock. It will enable us at V.I.P Industries to make informed production decisions.

Product Spotlight: Optibright

Optibright 410

Optibright is used in laundry formulations to enhance the whiteness of wash fabrics.
It is suitable for conventional washing powders, liquid detergents, industrial detergents, washing bars, washing gel, soaps and boosters.

Advantages of Optibright 410

  • IIt helps to increase the whiteness of a
  • substrate and reduce the yellowish appearance on fibre.
  • Free-flowing granules, easy to handle granules.
  • Excellent white effects on fabrics/materials.
  • Easy to formulate in all kinds of detergent formulations
  • Dosage level is low – 0,5 – 3.5% depending on the formulation type.
  • Stable even under harsh conditions (high alkalinity and in the presence of bleach.

Contact our Personal and Home care chemicals sales reps. for more information.


Personal & Home Care Industry Newsletters Vol. 2

February 21, 2022

Technical Advice & Tips:

How to Choose the Skincare Products Best Suited for Your Skin

When we step out to buy products for our skin or browse online stores, there is a myriad of options just waiting for us.

With countless products available for men and women, selecting the right product can be challenging.

Where to start? Right here! Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying skincare products.

  1. Choose according to your skin type: You can only seek out the best skincare products if you know your skin type. Figuring out whether you have normal, dry, oily, or sensitive skin is the first step on your journey of revamping your skincare regime.

Natural skin can handle almost all types of products. Hence, you can take risks, but when it comes to acne-prone or highly-sensitive skin, knowing what suits you best help you get flawless and healthy skin.

  1. Check the active Ingredients And expiry date: Keeping this in mind, check the active ingredients when reading the label of the product you plan to purchase. The ingredients are listed in the descending order of concentration.

When you check the list of active ingredients, quickly scan through the expiry date. Some products expire 12, 24 or 36 months after the bottle seal is broken. Always note when you break the seal of any purchased products to keep a check on the expiration timeline.

  1. Don’t Buy Without A Patch Test: When purchasing a product from the store, don’t compromise on a patch test. It is necessary to do a patch test right before purchase. It will give you an idea of how effective it will be. If the product irritates your skin or clogs the pores, it is not for you.