Paint Chemicals Industry Newsletters Vol. 1

Paint Chemicals Industry Newsletters Vol. 1

Understanding the Importance of PH in Aqueos Paints

During the manufacturing process of paint, there are several factors that can destabilize the product. This destabilization is presented as a DECREASE in pH which causes:

  • Low gloss,
  • Film with low adhesion,
  • Poor quality color.
  • Poor texture
  • Malfunction of additives and,
  • Procreation of bacteria and consequently foul odor of paint.

The pH of the medium has effect on the following:


Simple and inorganic electrolytes can have a huge effect on zeta potential (i.e. potential difference between the surface of the moving particle and within the medium) which can be used to control paint composition and quantity of additives necessary for optimum dispersion. Thus it is necessary to identify the type of suitable buffer so as not to add unnecessary ions and maintain the electrostatic stabilization of the dispersion considering the dispersant molecule (steric stabilization) in use. Therefore, pH becomes an important parameter to control.


The chemistry of paint is closely related to the film-forming substance known as binders (main component of which is an aqueous emulsion of polymers as in styrene acrylic co-polymer emulsion).

Emulsion polymers are designed to have a certain pH because the stability of these polymers is closely linked to pH which is kept between 7.5 and 8.5.


It is common to use rheology modifiers as they help to control the application of the coating and its final appearance. The thickening mechanism depends on the type of structure formed with the rheology modifier latex particles.

pH of thickened formulation to ensure optimum thickening efficiency and for stable viscosity is between 8-9 for cellulosic thickeners but HEURs are not dependent on alkali for activation of thickening mechanism as they are nonionic.




Mr. Awolere Kehinde - Technical Manager, Prestige Paints Company Limited

Q. Kindly give a brief background about yourself and your company?

Ans. My name is Awolere Kehinde, the Technical manager in charge of quality control, research and development at Prestige Paints Company Limited.

Prestige Paints Company Limited is one of the market leading paints manufacturers that  produces all classes of paints such as decorative paints, industrial paints, marine coatings in Nigeria. The factory and head office is located at KM2 Ajegunle road, Prestige bus stop Atan ota, Ogun state Nigeria.

Q. Tell me about the service experience you have had with Cormart?

Ans. Cormart Nigeria Limited is reliable and stable. Your products are genuine and they conform with standard specification.

Q. How has Cormart been able to help you achieve your business goals? If yes, in what ways?

Ans. Cormart Nigeria Limited has always been of help to in our  business goals in terms of prompt delivery of product and service and considerable payment options.

Q. What changes can Cormart make to improve on our services?

Ans. I would like to suggest that you keep improving on the quality of your product and its consistency. Also, you can make a survey on some of the products we are using to produce paints but not supplied by your company and make available for us to purchase.

Q. What closing remarks do you have for Cormart?

Ans. Cormart Nigeria Limited should constantly liaise with procurement manager, the MD/CEO and the General Manager for feedback. Also, make your products available at affordable and market competitive prices.



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Product Spotlight: Vinkocide®

Vinkocide® CMIF/CMIF 35

Vinkocide® CMIF/CMIF 35 are used to preserve water-based and water-dilutable chemical/technical products as disinfectants for private use, for public health care, in-can preservatives, protective media for liquids in cooling and processing systems, protective media for fluids used in metalworking, and disinfectants for other biocidal products. These biocide formulations have a broad antimicrobial spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi and yeasts and can be used in many cases where other products fail.


  • Adhesive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Gypsum, plaster and mortar
  • Lubricant/coolants
  • Paint and coatings industry
  • Paper manufacture
  • Technical suspension/


  • Textile and leather industry
  • Water treatment

Active Ingredients

  • EDDM

PH applications

Ranges from 3 to 10

Free of the following


Additional Information


Contact your Paint Chemical sales representatives for more information


Technical Advice & Tips

Selection of Biocide

Vink Chemicals is your partner for biocidal products from a single source. An important antimicrobial substance used as the basis for many of our formulations is isothiazolinone. Although they belong to one compound class, individual isothiazolinones behave differently with respect to their spectrum of activity and their chemical properties. To use isothiazolinones effectively and efficiently.

Paints and emulsions have all necessary components for microbial growth, if pH is right (between 5-7), organic matter as nutrient and water, leads to the formation of colonies of aerobic or anaerobic which is responsible for foul odor produced during fermentation or putrefaction.

One of the factors that the functionality of biocides is the pH, this requires control according to the selected type of biocide. CMIT are destroyed at pH >9.5 (BIT is not affected by pH) which makes most manufacturers adjust the pH of their paints to 8.5-9 limit values.

The following are tips for the selection of Biocide:

  • Identify the coating type i.e. waterborne or solvent borne.
  • Ensure stability is monitored e.g. viscosity maintained, no phase separation etc.
  • Check for compatibility.

And lastly good screening should be carried out to determine if biocide: Can be dispersed and Stays dispersed over time or cannot be dispersed and/or form seeds.