Laboratory Chemicals Industry Newsletters Vol 1

Laboratory Chemicals Industry Newsletters Vol 1

Merck Spectroquant Prove:

Spectrophotometers for Simplified, Durable and Secure Water Analysis by - Merck

With the Spectroquant photometers from the Prove series, MilliporeSigma is offering an innovative solution for all types of water testing. To analyze waste water, drinking water or process water, the three most important requirements of a spectrophotometer are simplicity, security and durability.

MilliporeSigma has developed a new class of spectrophotometers that perfectly unites all these features; Intuitive, innovative and preprogrammed for the broadest range of test kits.

It is available in 3 versions. First, the Spectroquant® Prove 100 – Smart VIS spectrophotometer for routine applications, such as wastewater analysis. It offers fast, easy and reliable results with direct insertion of cell tests and over 180 preprogrammed test kits.

 Second, the Spectroquant® Prove 300 – Robust UV/VIS spectrophotometer for sensitive measurements, such as the analysis of drinking water and beverages. It allows UV/VIS analysis and automatically detects reagent tests for secure measurement of sensitive parameters like manganese and sulfate.

Third, the Spectroquant® Prove 600 – Powerful UV/VIS spectrophotometer for complex analysis, such as process water testing. It helps to detect the lowest possible levels of impurities to prevent damages to cooling and boiler water systems.

Its design requires only a minimal amount of space and its surfaces are durable against many chemicals used in the lab. It also allows for easy data transfers with maximum flexibility and minimal effort.



Grace Anorh - Assistant Sales Manager, Cormart Nigeria Limited

Kindly give brief details about yourself and what you do?

 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. I was previously a Laboratory analyst in the Quality Assurance department at one of the Big Four Breweries.

You head a sales team. Please share details on the core values and skills your team exhibits?

Ownership is our core value.; This drives us to become effective Team Players. We are passionate about tangible  results and constantly focused on the team’s objectives. 

At the point of sale, what kind of technical support do you provide for your customers?

This depends on the product and the customer. We offer multi-channel Technical support via: Calls, emails, virtual trainings, on-site visit for product demo, equipment installation and calibration, and seminars in collaboration  with our principals.

What ways are you looking to improve the business relationship with customers? 

Real time support is key. We are  working on giving customers a personalized experience.

Is there any new product development you’d like to share with customers?

Currently, we have the Prove Series Spectrophotometer. We want all of our Customers to take advantage of this Spectrophotometer which can be used across all manufacturing Industries. 



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Product Spotlight: MVP ICON®

System for ATP Hygiene Monitoring & Management

The MVP ICON® is an instrument and software platform that combines HACCP and hygiene monitoring with powerful program management capabilities.


The MVP ICON® system allows for monitoring key HACCP parameters and reducing the need for multiple instruments. Available measurements include:

  • ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate
  • Chemical Concentration (PPM)
  • Conductivity (µS)
  • pH



  • Assured ATP testing and sanitation management
  • Advanced ATP testing and HACCP management technology
  • HACCP data management for quality assurance

Reduce time preparing for HACCP and hygiene audits

Technical Advice & Tips:

Selecting the Optimal Water Quality for Microbiology

In order to ensure accurate results, prevent false positives or negatives, and prevent contamination, microbiologists must carefully select their reagents, including water, when preparing liquid or solid culture media.

Indeed, tap water may contain various impurities that could have an impact on bacteria growth or cause various abnormalities of the prepared media, such as incorrect pH, wrong color or precipitation.

The water quality recommended for microbiology media preparation is well described in the ISO® 11133:2014 standard. The water selected should match the following criteria:

  • The water should be purified, free from traces of chlorine, ammonia or metal ions, which are likely to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.
  • The conductivity of the water should be < 25 μS/cm, preferably below 5 μS /cm..
  • It is recommended that the water be used freshly purified, or stored in a container free from inhibiting substances.
  • The microbial contamination of the water should be < 103 cfu/mL.