Hospitality and Hygiene Chemicals Industry Newsletters Vol. 3

Hospitality and Hygiene Chemicals Industry Newsletters Vol. 3

The Intervention of IoTs in the Hospitality Sector

The Role of Technology in Hygiene and Sanitation

The hospitality industry is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic in terms of revenue and safety.

This setback is tied to the tremendous impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry worldwide as well as travel restrictions and closures of transportation.

In minimizing human contact and maximizing cleaning and sanitization, it is without a doubt that the industry needs a helping hand to get the job done most efficiently and effectively possible.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging paradigm that enables the communication between electronic devices and sensors through the internet to facilitate our lives.

The need to adopt innovative ideas and implement the IoTs will help in reassuring customers of a more hygienic environment than ever in the hospitality industry.

Taking this into account, some cleaning-based technologies have gained immense popularity in the hospitality sector. Examples are UV-C Lights, air purifiers, robot cleaners, virus-killing robots, electrostatic Sprayers, clean tracker technology, sanitunnels, contactless solution based on sensors, automatic soap dispensers, jet hand dryers etc. 

The advantages of these innovations include helping facility management in cutting down costs and keeping all preparations under the budget without hampering the environment. It also gives time to the staff to be more vigilant in terms of hygiene inspections and sanitary requirements.

Hoteliers must ensure that maintaining proper hygiene is not only for the aesthetics of the property. The  health and safety of guests is a priority.



Ehi Nduka - Head of Operations, Surprise Box

Q. Tell us about Surprise Box?

Ans. Surprise box specializes in providing well packaged birthdays gifts, year-end gifts and corporate gifts, sourced as requested by our clients. Our services also include general supplies ranging from raw materials for manufacturing to consumables.

Q. What can you tell us about Cormart’s business relationship with your company?

Ans. It has been a pleasant relationship. The extra effort put into customer satisfaction, timely delivery of products and after-sales support from Martin and Nnenna is commendable. It has been a fantastic experience.

Q. What has been your impression of the products you purchase?

Ans. The products are outstanding. I can say that because I purchase them for my customers and my personal use, as well. Based on the volume of orders and the repeat patronage from customers, it shows that the products are top-quality.

Q. Tell us about your selection criteria for vendors?

Ans. I look for quality, consistency and integrity. There is no compromise because what I purchase to sell to customers is a reflection of the business.

Q. How much value do you place on your company’s culture?

Ans. One culture that’s mostly overlooked is customer care. A good customer experience is essential for the sustainability of any business. This is a culture that is inculcated at Surprise Box from top to bottom. We also look at staff selection and assign individuals to take up responsibilities that are well suited to their characters and personalities.

Q. Are there other business areas you’d like to partner with Cormart?

Ans. We want to partner with Cormart regarding all aspects of our business module. I envision a mutually beneficial relationship. Beyond being a buyer, we can also be a supplier to Cormart. We also look forward to supplying festive hampers, corporate gifts and other manufacturing needs, offering the best quality and the right price.



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Product Spotlight: Renew Hand Sanitizer

Effective Removal of Germs

The renew hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based sanitizer that eliminates 99.9% of all common germs, and leaves your hands clean and sanitized. It’s a perfect and convenient alternative to instantly clean the hands.


  • Removes all organic matter from hands.
  • Apply a dime sized amount of the renew hand sanitizer.
  • Rub hands together covering all surfaces of hand and fingers.
  • Rub until the hand sanitizer is absorbed.



  • It requires a less time than hand washing.
  • It acts quickly to kill microorganisms.
  • It does not promote antimicrobial resistance.
  • Less irritating.
  • Improves skin condition.
  • Liquid & Gel form instant hand sanitizer with nourishing moisturizer.
  • Highly absorbent consistency with no sticky residue.

Contact our sales representative for more information.


Technical Advice & Tips

Carpet Maintenance

A comprehensive carpet care program should consist of these five elements:

  1. Soil Containment – Isolation of soil entering the building using mats at entrances.
  2. Vacuuming – Scheduled frequency for removal of dry soil.
  3. Spot and Spill Removal Systems – Scheduled frequency spot removal techniques.
  4. Interim Cleaning – Scheduled frequency appearance cleaning for all traffic areas.
  5. Restorative Cleaning – Scheduled frequency deep cleaning to remove residues and trapped soils.

General Tips For Cleaning Carpets

  • Prepare the room to be vacuumed.
  • Remove objects in the passage of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a nozzle attachment to clean hard to reach areas.
  • The edges of the carpets and the baseboards often collect dust which should first be removed.
  • Vacuum both horizontally and vertically.
  • Pick the right carpet cleaner.
  • Test the cleaning product on a small inconspicuous part of the carpet.
  • Rinse the carpet. Using a fresh clean white cloth and water, soak up any remaining soap by blotting the treated area.
  • Avoid scrubbing your carpet since you could make stains worse. Blot or pat them instead.
  • You should spray the spot or area that needs to be cleaned, and use a soft cloth to blot and rub at the same time.
  • You can use dish soap with warm water to remove the stains and scrub using the rough side of a sponge.