Cormart’s VIRU-SUPA Proves Effective against Coronavirus

Cormart’s VIRU-SUPA Proves Effective against Coronavirus

Cormart Nigeria Limited’s VIRU-SUPA, a spectrum disinfectant, has recently been independently proven to inactive coronaviruses through its fast-acting oxidization chemistry.

Cormart Nigeria Limited, one of the leading chemical and food raw materials companies in Nigeria and a member of TGI Group, announced this recently through a press release. They went further to explain that VIRU-SUPA “is the ideal choice in controlling disease outbreaks”.

The product which is commonly used as a farm disinfecting solution brings rapid action and high efficacy to target organism with no known resistance. It is also effective in a wide range of temperatures and hard water conditions.

Dr. Johannes Flosbach, General Manager, Cormart, explained that VIRU-SUPA can be used to disinfect frequently touched surfaces. “The disinfection of our homes and businesses is essential in combating the spread of this COVID-19 virus. VIRU-SUPA can be used to disinfect several surfaces such as desks, tables, doors, cup handles, light switches, toilets, sinks, computers and phones”, he said.

Dr. Johannes then proceeded to explain the importance of cleaning and disinfection especially during this pandemic.

He said, “Cleaning surfaces removes the visible contamination, thereby, reducing the number of pathogens and disinfection (after cleaning) kills germs on surfaces which further reduces the risk of infection.”

The Business Unit Head for Cormart’s Hospitality and Agric Chemicals Department, Martin Iroegbu, also spoke on the product. He said, “VIRU-SUPA is very easy to use for anyone. Simply dilute 1 teaspoon (5g) in a spray bottle for convenient use or 25g in a mop bucket of 5 litres of water for floors and high contact surfaces. Once you apply the solution to any surface, you just leave to dry”.

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