Cormart Launches New Ready-mix Surface Sanitizer

Cormart Launches New Ready-mix Surface Sanitizer

Cormart Nigeria Ltd., one of the leading chemical and food raw materials companies in Nigeria and a member of TGI Group, has introduced a new ready-mix surface sanitizer called, Caritol Surface Sanitizer, to the Nigerian market.

This heavy duty surface sanitizer can be used to combat viruses, germs and bacteria on large scale surfaces.

Cormart’s R&D Manager, Dr. Vilas Ramani, explained that “Caritol was formulated for large scale disinfection of residential houses, offices, factories, and vehicles.” He said, “Caritol is a very cost effective product for disinfecting large spaces. Its application is very easy and it can be used both indoors and outdoors”.

Caritol Surface Sanitizer is available in a 25litre ready-mix, which requires no further dilution. The product can be easily applied through sprayers. 

Caritol also comes in a 2litre concentrate which can be diluted based on the instructions applicable.

Dr. Johannes Flosbach, Cormart’s General Manager, commented on the company’s resolve to fight Coronavirus. He said, “Cormart Nigeria Limited has been on the forefront in the battle against the Coronavirus in Nigeria. As one of the leading hygiene chemical companies in Nigeria, we believe that it is our duty to provide great products that can help combat the spread of this virus. Caritol is another addition to these products.


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