Cormart Introduces CreteHard: Stronger Bonds for General Construction Application

Cormart Introduces CreteHard: Stronger Bonds for General Construction Application

Cormart Nigeria Ltd., one of the leading chemical and food raw materials companies in Nigeria and a member of TGI Group, recently introduced a high performance and specially developed PVA (polyvinyl acetate) adhesive, CreteHard, to the Nigerian market.


This adhesive provides strong bonds in general construction application, such as patching, rendering, surface priming, among other things. It is also suitable for use as a concrete additive, sealing agent and a binder of old and new concrete together.


Cormart’s Business Unit Head for Construction Chemicals, Mr. Diwakar Thiruvalam, explained the versatility in the usage of the product and its effectiveness. “CreteHard was specifically designed to work for different bonding needs. It can be used as a concrete joint filler, plaster bonding agent, dust proofer and sealer for concrete floors and heavy duty casting”, he said.


Mr. Andrea Geday, Managing Director of El-Alan Construction Company, one of the foremost construction companies in Nigeria, spoke on the company’s experience while using CreteHard. He said, “We are really impressed with this product. It provides excellent adhesion, reduces the permeability of the concrete, increases the resistance of wear and above all, it has various applications in general construction. It’s like our ‘one-stop product’ for every adhesive need in general construction”.


Dr. Johannes Flosbach, Cormart’s General Manager, explained that the customer’s needs were a major priority when CreteHard was being developed. “We wanted a product that our customers could use for diverse purposes and CreteHard has been a huge success in this regard so far. One of the key benefits of CreteHard is the economic advantage for customers. They no longer have to source for different products for different bonding requirements because CreteHard is the one product that can meet all their needs”, he said.


CreteHard provides excellent penetration and sealing of internal concrete floors to resist oil penetration. It also delivers excellent performance as a surface preparation prior to the application of acrylic paints, thereby providing effective surface binding.