Cormart Expands Caustic Soda Business

Cormart Expands Caustic Soda Business

Cormart Nigeria Ltd., a leading chemicals and food raw materials Company and a member of Tropical General Investments Group has announced its plans to further invest in the production, warehousing and logistics operation of its liquid caustic soda.

Martin Middernacht, Executive Director, Cormart Nigeria Ltd. explained that the investments in these areas are major steps towards accomplishing the company’s vision to be the market leader in manufacturing and sales of specialty chemicals.

The Caustic soda plant, located at Cormart’s factory along Lagos-Ibadan expressway, is currently undergoing expansion. The plant services food and beverage, breweries, soap and detergent, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, steel and mining, paper, pulp and other industries.

Dr. Johannes Flosbach, General Manager, Cormart Nigeria Ltd, also confirmed that the investment in logistics included three 30-tonne tankers to aid in the transportation of ready-to-use caustic soda. He also expressed the company’s passion for quality and safety in its business processes. He said, “We take extra precautions considering the corrosiveness of caustic soda. Our tankers have a tank-within-a-tank container which extends the margin of safety.”

Technical Sales Manager, Cormart Nigeria Ltd., Okoh Jonah, further explained that caustic soda is one of the most widely used chemicals in the industry. “Our liquid caustic soda is available for various industries at a very competitive price with great quality. We also sell caustic flakes and pearls”, he said.

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