Our Renew cold water starch is designed to lift the burden of the traditional way of starching. Its use will bring out the renewed, confident and elegant side of you while leaving your clothes looking sharp and crisp.

The Renew spray starch is our advanced version of the cold water starch. It is a ready to use anywhere, any day and at any time. The perfect starch for ironing that requires no prior way before use. It is convenient to use, affordable.

Renew washing machine detergent leaves your clothes softer and cleaner. With its easy lather, you require only a small amount for washing. It is formulated to protect the colors of your clothes, keeping them as new as they should be.


The Shine All range of products ensures all your kitchen utensils are squeaky clean and well sanitized.

Shine All dish wash removes grease and dried out stains on dishes very easily. With just a little squeeze, a great amount of dishes are immaculate. Its packaging is designed for easy use with anti-spill caps that dispense easily. This dish wash is affordable and readily available.

Shine All scouring powder cleans and degreases kitchen utensils like pans, pots and sinks. It lathers upon application, hence very effective without a dishwashing liquid. Shine All is known for its diverse application, it whitens ceramics like bath tubs and hand wash. It is tough on stains and gentle on hands leaving your home spotless and sparkling clean.


CORYSAN is the hygiene brand name for our specially formulated hand wash and hand sanitizers. It is tailored to protect you from all forms of bacteria, to be gentle on your skin and leave your hands moisturized all day long.

Our Antox antiseptic liquid is for general household protection protects from all kinds of germs obtained from wounds, open cuts, bathing water, contact with contaminated surfaces or things. Antox was formulated paying attention to details and the needs of the consumers. It can also be used in hospitals, hotels, laboratories to sanitize the environment, restrooms and work bench. It is highly effective with or without dilution and can therefore be applied during laundry.


This KLEANSOL range of products includes a multi-purpose liquid cleaner, a liquid detergent and a liquid degreaser.

These products remove all dirt, grime and stains from hard surfaces and can be used on floors, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Kleansol leaves a long lasting freshness with any of its three variants, alpine, lavender and rose.