Breweries & Beverage Chemicals

We understand the importance of protecting your customers and business; hence we work with you as a partner in actualizing this goal. Together with our International partners we provide world class products and services, and unique expertise to enhance your brands.

We produce the Class 3 Caramel, a food colorant, which services the brewery, beverage and food industries. We also produce Casein Glue, a high-quality adhesive.

Our services cover;

  1. Total plant hygiene solutions like CIP, COP
  2. Packaging technology (Cartons, PET and RGB)
  3. Engineering services such as lubrication, descaling, etc.
  4. Energy and water treatment etc. We can support your operation with cutting edge technology and dosing systems aim at optimizing your processes.
  5. Technical training for customers on product application and new technology

For more information on our breweries and beverage chemicals range, please reach out to us at