Breweries and Beverage Industry Newsletter Vol. 1

Breweries and Beverage Industry Newsletter Vol. 1


Scufex is a processing aid for masking mechanical wear on glass bottles called Scuffing. Bottle surfaces get scuffed during trade, washing and transport.

A large percentage of scuffing occurs on the conveyors, pre and post bottle washers.

Ecolab has a technology to treat scuffed bottles surfaces by masking with Scufex, a product formulated based on wax. The purpose of Scufex is to improve the visual impression of used returnable glass, hence enhancing its packaged quality and presentation. This then reduces losses associated with rejection at the Empty Bottles Inspection.

Scufex is applied to the bottles before and after the labelling operation. The product is sprayed on the bottles with an applicator, or a dosing system, installed on a single conveyor.

Excess Scufex is drained off the bottle surface with air nozzles which assist in drying after application. Scufex is known to have a positive impact on the quality of labelling.

The dosing system consists of four main units: the metering station, day tank, applicator and pick-up probe. The installation of the entire unit will take about two-meter squares.

The following will be required for the installation work: Source of water supply, air supply, power supply and support for the metering station.

Scufex comes in a concentrated form and can be diluted up to a 1:10 ratio of Scufex to water before application. The dilution is done automatically by the dosing system. About 25-30kg of the concentrated Scufex can be used for the treatment of one million bottles. Note, this is an estimate and can be optimized.



Clement Gbala - Business Unit Head, Breweries & Beverages

Q. Kindly give brief details about your journey with Cormart?

Ans. I joined Cormart as a technical sales executive in 2002. My first assignment was to develop “cleaning and disinfection” agents in the breweries.

I moved on to become the business manager for breweries & beverages department in 2007 and business unit head in 2015.

Q. What trends do you predict would change the dynamics of the industry you operate?

Ans. At first, we were only involved in the Ecolab business at the breweries, which is basically to provide hygiene solutions, then we expanded into water treatment, adhesives and now looking into some areas of commodities. Thus, customers will keep demanding for new areas of product and services, and it would be of great pleasure to always be available.

Q. What technical support do you provide for your customers?

Ans. Providing technical support to customers is important. We develop tailor-made solutions for specific customer needs. This is to ensure efficient and optimized use of products and guarantee the quality expectation of a customer.

Q. What initiatives will you introduce for your customers in the nearest future?

Ans. To look into the challenging areas relating to the breweries & beverages, and offer optional product and solution in the industry, such as Stabilon ACP for weathered bottle.



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Product Spotlight:

Trimeta CD

TRIMETA CD is an acid one-phase cleaning and disinfecting product for the brewing industry.


  • Microbiological efficacy against beverage-specific microorganism.
  • A very good cleaning effect.
  • Free of phosphorus.
  • Suitable for stainless steel and Mukandur tank.
  • Very efficient in reducing production downtime.
  • Energy-saving as the CIP process is shortened.
  • Can be reused for a long period without any challenge.


TRIMETA CD is an acidic one-phase cleaner with special active ingredients for excellent cleaning results. It is particularly suitable for the CIP cleaning of large volume tanks as well as Cylindroconical and storage tanks.

Fermenters: The application specification is 1.5 – 2.0% at a temperature of 5 – 40OC for 30 – 60mins.

Bright Beer Tanks: The application specification is 1.0 – 2.0 % at a temperature of      5 – 40OC for 30 – 60mins.

Pipe Lines & Beer mains: The application specification is 1.0 – 2.0 % at a temperature of      5 – 40OC for 30 – 60mins..


Technical Tips


Corrosions and rusting are commonly occurring phenomena in plants. While corrosion occurs due to material (metal and non-metal) deterioration because of oxidation, rusting is the oxidation of iron in the presence of air and water.

Topaz AC3 is a formulated product available in the Ecolab portfolio that can effectively manage corrosion and rust. Topaz AC3 is an acid foam cleaner and descaler designed for daily and periodic use in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Some of its advantages include: excellent removal of acid-soluble scale, good fat-removing and wetting properties, and high efficiency at low concentration.

During cleaning and sanitizing operations, especially when using high-pressure systems, misting can occur. These aerosols produced consist of a fine water mist and the applied chemical. The inhalation of aerosol mist must be avoided. Wearing a respirator is imperative.

For the application of TOPAZ AC3, we recommend the Ecolab Hybrid range of open plant cleaning equipment which provides:

  • Foam, disinfection and rinse functionality.
  • Stationary and mobile systems for full flexibility
  • Space-saving, robust hygienic designs.
  • High operator safety.
  • Special equipment for fixed and automated cleaning systems.


Technical Tips