Breweries and Beverage Industry Newsletter Vol. 2

Breweries and Beverage Industry Newsletter Vol. 2

Cormart, Meura Partner to Provide Engineering Solutions

Cormart recently announced its partnership with Meura to provide engineering solutions to customers in the food and beverage industries using Meura products.

Meura has been at the forefront of brewing technology for nearly two centuries with famous inventions such as the Meura2001 mash filter, Aflosjet, Meurabrew and Meurastream. They have several installations and equipment in the country which need regular audits, maintenance and repairs.

With this partnership, Cormart is offering to provide local content initiatives and value addition so that customers would derive more value using Meura products.

Clement Gbala, Cormart’s General Manager – Breweries and Beverage, commented on how the partnership aims to provide solutions to Meura customers.
He said, “This partnership focuses on providing quick solutions to customers. We are looking at VMI with customers, the use of regional offices and stock maintenance in our central warehouse in Cormart House, Lagos.”
He further stated, “This offers a massive reduction in long lead-time, production downtime, long service interval, and travel restrictions that may affect prompt services and the stock availability of spares for equipment.”

Martin Middernacht, Cormart’s Managing Director, commented on the company’s commitment to finding solutions to business operations.
He said, “Finding solution to business processes is in line with our core value of innovation. We are committed to this partnership and would leverage our knowledge of the industry where we have worked successfully in the past two decades.”
He further added, “For us, it is exciting as we expand our portfolio and growth in our capacity to not only offer chemical solutions to the industry but also engineering solutions. We are looking forward to bringing a new dynamism in our level of services to the industry.”

Jeroen Vandenbussche, Meura’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “The Nigerian market is globally one of Meura’s main markets with important growth opportunities. Cormart is an excellent partner, which allows us further develop the activities and improve the services to the Nigerian end customers”.


Francois Depresle - Sales Manager, Ecolab-French speaking Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana

Kindly tell us about Ecolab?

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services that protect people and vital resources. We provide comprehensive solutions, data-driven insights and world-class service to advance food safety.

Please tell us about Cormart’s relationship with Ecolab?

Ecolab has been working with Cormart for over 20 years now, mainly in the Food and Beverage industry. This partnership allows for better understanding and working relationships with major corporate accounts like ABI and Heineken.

What ideas have Ecolab implemented to improve its business relationship with Cormart?

Ecolab’s way of working is to build a partnership with the customer. In the case of indirect business, like in Nigeria, it requires two levels of partnership. The first one with Cormart and the second one with the end customer.

How has Ecolab navigated the pandemic challenges in doing business with Cormart?

The pandemic situation has not been easy. But Cormart has shown great strength and willingness to ensure stock availability and maintain high-quality services with various Ecolab product ranges.



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Product Spotlight: P3 Oxonia Active

P3 Oxonia is a Liquid, acidic disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid for the brewing and beverage industry.


  • Particularly effective against all types of microorganisms, even in cold water.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Leaves no traces as it decomposes to water and Carbon


P3-oxonia active is applied in the brewing and beverage industry for the fast saniti­zing of surfaces in contact with beverages, such as fermentation, storage and bottling tanks, and plant and equipment in filtering and filling cellars.


The application specification is given below:

  • Concentration – 1.0%
  • Temperature – 40OOC max
  • Duration – 30minutes

Fermenters/Storage Tanks/Bright Beer Tanks

  • Concentration – 1.0%
  • Temperature -400OC max
  • Duration – 30minutes

Packaging Hall

Bottle Washer – Rinsing Section

  • Concentration-0.01%
  • Temperature – 25 – 30OOC max
  • Duration – 30minutes

Filler, Intermediate disinfection (short downtimes)

  • Concentration – 0.3%
  • Temperature – 40OOC max
  • Duration – System specific

Contact our Breweries and Beverage sales representatives for more information.


Technical Tips


One major challenge in the Brewery industry is the formation of stubborn soils, also known as scales. Scale formation can either be organic or inorganic, and it presents a challenge to the plant if not removed.

These challenges range from hindering the efficiency of the equipment, creating a haven for microbial activities, and contamination of the products in contact with the soil.

Cormart has in its portfolio – P3 Stabicip OXI, a product based on active oxygen, foam-inhibiting cleaning boosters and water hardness stabilizations. Some of its advantages include: environmentally-oriented alternative to chlorine products

  • readily biodegradable.
  • quick and careful removal of tenacious soils.
  • excellent soil dispersion.
  • excellent foam-inhibiting properties > 40 °C.
  • phosphate- and nitrogen-free.

For the application of P3 Stabicip OXI, we recommend:

  • The addition of P3 Stabicip OXI immediately, before cleaning performance. Exceeding 45OC, P3 Stabicip OXI evolves its full efficacy by releasing oxygen..
  • P3 is not to be used in closed systems as the release of oxygen will cause a pressure increase.

For each cleaning procedure, introduce P3 Stabicip OXI into the CIP-Cycle on the pressure side through an injection valve.


Technical Tips