Bakery & Confectionery Industry Newsletters Vol. 4

Bakery & Confectionery Industry Newsletters Vol. 4

Alkalised Cocoa Powder For Confectionery


Cocoa beans are the fruits of the cacao tree and the source of all the tasty chocolate products you know and love.

The ancient Olmecs and Mayans are responsible for first cultivating this tree and recognising its potential as food.

There are many more forms of cocoa available today asides from the conventional methods the ancient people knew.

Alkalised cocoa powder, also known as the Dutch process, is one product that people frequently wonder about, and it can easily be confused with other forms of cocoa.

When you compare natural cocoa powder to alkalised cocoa powder, it has a darker shade of brown with reddish undertones. It is milder in flavour and mixes easily with liquids.

Alkalised cocoa powder has an alkaline pH of 7 to 8, while natural cocoa powder has an acidic pH of around 5.

Alkalised cocoa powder is preferred by many chefs for baking cakes, cookies, and pastries because of its mellow, smooth flavour and dark colour. It is easier to mix with other ingredients and would absorb liquids more readily than natural cocoa powder.

Alkalised cocoa powder is used in making ice cream, hot cocoa mixes, candies, beverages, and chocolate syrups, where a full-bodied, smooth chocolate flavour is desired.


Chef Youssef - Chef Mario's Pizza & Fast Food

Q. Please tell us about yourself and your company?

Ans. My name is Youssef, famously known as Chef Youssef. The name of my company is Mario’s Pizza and Fast Food, and I am the chef. We took over the bakery from Goodiss. I worked with Puratos for 17 years in Belgium and other cities.

Q. What products do you buy from Cormart, and how would you rate these products from 1 to 10?

Ans. I p u r c h a s e C a l l e b a u t chocolate f rom Cormart. I would rate it a ten over ten b e c a u s e t h e q u a l i t y compared to other ranges of chocolates is the best.

Q. How does our product contribute to the quality of your product, and how has this improved your business?

Ans. Your product helps me to achieve exceptional quality, which is what my customers have come  to appreciate a b o u t m y p r o d u c t s . We all know that the taste of C a l l e b a u t c h o c o l a t e , compared to other brands of chocolate, is unique due to its cocoa powder and cocoa butter content, which makes it the best in the world.

Q. From a chef’s perspective, describe our customer service.

Ans. On a scale of 1-10, I will give your customer service a solid 7.

Q. How would you rate the value for the money of our product?

Ans. It is a premium compared to other products in the market, and it’s worth every penny. I believe that is a feature of quality products.


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Product Spotlight: Mauripan

Instant Dry Yeast

Yeast is a single-cell organism called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which needs food, warmth, and moisture to thrive. It feeds on its food sugar and starch and converts, through fermentation, into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

Uses of Mauripan Instant Dry Yeast

There are two vital uses of yeast in food production: baking and the production of alcoholic drinks.

Baking: The purpose of yeast in baking is to create the gas (carbon dioxide) that makes the baked food rise. Baked goods, like bread, rise because of the presence of yeast either as a raising or leavening agent.

Production of alcoholic drinks.

Brewing: Several different yeasts are used in brewing beer, where they ferment the sugars present in malted barley to produce alcohol.

Wine-making: Yeast is naturally present on grape skins, and it alone can be sufficient for the fermentation of sugars to alcohol.

There are two types of baker’s yeast; fresh and active dry yeast. Mauripan Instant Dry Yeast is developed especially for doughs with a sugar level of 10% or more. However, the yeast can be utilised in sugar dough, as low as 5%. It is ideal for doughs used to make fruit bread, sweet bread, buns, sweet festival bread and yeast-raised doughnuts.

Technical Advice & Tips

The Chemistry of Bread-Making

There is no need for an expensive ice-cream machine to enjoy homemade ice cream.

This simple recipe gives you ice-cream that comes out super creamy, and you can get creative with the flavour ideas to create any flavour of your choosing.


  • Two (2) cups (16oz/450ml) Meggle whipping cream, cold
  • 14 ounces ( 1 Can/ 400ml) sweetened condensed milk (fat- free or regular), cold

One ( 1 ) teaspoon Vanilla Extract (optional)


  • First, whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks, then fold in with the condensed
  • Next, you put it into the freezer and cover it with plastic wrap
  • Freeze until solid for about 6

Voila! It’s ready to serve!

Flavour Ideas

  • Add vanilla to make vanilla ice (Make sure to mix the vanilla with the condensed milk first.)
  • Add cocoa powder to make chocolate ice cream. (Mix the cocoa powder with the condensed milk first)
  • Mix in add- ins like fresh chopped fruit, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, or crumbled (Stir the ice cream mixture gently before freezing).