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Kimix Chemical is a professional chemical supplier, specialized in the field of paints and construction, devoted to providing high quality products, efficient service and driving value improvement to the worldwide users.

On the principle of customer orientation, Kimix keeps improving the quality management, expending services and developing new project to enhance the competitive power of our customers.

Our product range covers synthetic iron oxide, Titanium dioxide, chrome oxide with a wide range of colors red, yellow, black, brown, orange, green, and Petroleum Resin, redispersible powder polymer for building applications as well.


  • Synthetic iron oxide

    Kimpigment iron oxide is an inert, non-toxic and high-quality inorganic pigment, representing a wide color range of iron oxide red, yellow, black, orange, brown and green. It is insoluble in water and diluted acids, resistant to acid, lime and alkaline as well as absolutely weather and light stable.


    • Paving stone, concrete block, roofing tile, bricks
    • Painting & coating
    • Ceramics, asphalt
    • Plastic & rubbers
  • Micronized iron oxide

    Kimpigment micronized iron oxide has better performance in the applications of paints and coating with its optimized color strength, superior dispersibility, chemical stability, and outstanding light fastness.


    • Paints
    • Coating
    • High-grade printing ink
    • Plastic
    • Paper
    • Rubber
  • Titanium Dioxide

    Kimix – Tio2 rutile grade is a multi-purpose white pigment made by sulfuric acid process, with inorganic and organic surface treatment. It has the excellent pigment property: good whiteness & tint reducing power, high gloss, fine dispersibility and weather stability.


    It has excellent optical capabilities, high purity, strong tint-reducing power, and good whiteness. With such good properties, it is mostly used for interior coatings, paper, plastics, rubber, enamel leather, artificial fiber etc.

  • Petroleum Resin C9 & C5

    Kimresin C9 is aromatic hydrocarbon resin produced by the remaining (C9 fraction) of petroleum cracking, through catalyzed polymerization. C5 is petroleum resins suitable for hot-melting additives mainly.

  • Redispersible powder polymer

    Kimix Redispersible powder polymer is spray dried re-dispersible emulsion powder, and able to re-disperses in water and reacts with hydrate product of cement, gypsum and stuffing, form composite membrane with good mechanics intensity.